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The History Of Our Grange

The Pomona Grange is the equivalent of the County-wide/Regional Grange. Subordinate (Community) Granges within a given district are grouped together on a county or regional basis into Pomona Granges that meet no less than four times a year. The Fifth Degree of the order is the basis of the Pomona Grange ritual, thus extending the lessons and opportunities of the Subordinate Grange. Pomona Granges provide the leadership for educational, legislative, and business interests of the Subordinate Granges in its jurisdiction.

The CT State Grange Executive Committee implemented the resolution passed at the 2016 Annual Session of the Connecticut State Grange that directed them to establish boundary lines for new Pomona Granges in the State. The Community Granges in Connecticut have been divided into three Pomona Granges - temporarily named A, B and C - effective as of November 1, 2017. Mountain Laurel Pomona (A), Nutmeg Pomona (B) and Eastern Connecticut Pomona (C) were born.

Mountain Laurel Pomona Grange was founded in February, 2018. The Community Granges served are: Granby #5, Cawasa No. 34, Whigville No. 48, Eureka No. 62, Winchester No. 74, Taghhannuck No. 100, Beacon No. 118, Bethlehem #121, Enfield #151, Bridgewater #153, Riverton No. 169, Wolcott #173, Simsbury #197

Family Activities/CWA Regional Meeting on Zoom

Saturday, December 10, 2022

7:00 PM

We will be announcing our new theme and contests. All are welcome to join us.
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